Was really happy with my first 3 distress inks (Salty Ocean, Squeezed Lemonade, and Picked Raspberry) and how they are just so addictive! So I decided to break budget and some myself some more distress ink, together with some blending tools and my very first stencil!


Distress inks: Twisted Citron, Shaded Lilac, Wild Honey, Vintage Photo, Abandoned Coral and Cracked Pistachios!

This happy mail arrived on one of my busy week so I had to wait for two days before I can have the luxury to sit back and relax, playing with my new toys! I started playing with the blending tool. Gosh, everyone on Instagram and YouTube made it so easy to play with…my circles of the blending tool was really really obvious..¬†😂😂


I turned to amazing crafter friends on Instagram for help. Apparently, I need to pre-stamp the ink on a scrap paper before starting to blend it on the craft paper! Anyway if we ignored the circles, the color blend is rather pretty right? Really love Shaded Lilac and Cracked Pistachios!!😍😍😍

I then played with inking on my acrylic block and smooching the inks on my watercolor paper. Was pretty therapeutic watching the ink blending together, though I should totally added more inks before smooching as they look too soft on the watercolor paper after they dried up.

IMG_20160731_141729¬†Here you can see my very limited collection of all my distress inks!😚😚😚😚

And now,…for my masterpiece, where i worked on the same watercolor paper I used above, using stencils, blending tool, acrylic block and of course distress inks. I first blended Abandoned Coral and Cracked Pistachios on the stencils at the center of the paper. Then i worked the magic with acrylic block smooching technique with distress inks! TADAHHH!!🌈