Welcome to my gallery! Here’s some of my old posts, enjoy! 😀

Been learning to hand-lettering lately as they are just too gorgeous not to learn. Perhaps some day, I’ll be able to cooperate hand-lettering into my card when I’m more confident with them hahah. I don’t have any brush pens yet, so all my calligraphy was written with a paintbrush, real hard to control the strokes..hope to be able to buy some real brush pens soon!

Sometimes, all I want to do is paint with watercolor, especially when assignment gets too stressful and unfruitful hahah. Here’s some of my paintings:

I attempted to paint something with acrylic paint and lights at the back of the paint for my room in my university’s hostel. So I here’s what I ended up painting~ I really love how it turned out!☺☺☺

Here’s a short video of my very first peek-a-boo card!!

Next is a short video of my Waterfall Card for my dear sister!

Below is some of my old cards since this is a new blog to replace my previous veravarieties.altervista.org so here they are: